Time Well Spent

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. -Chinese Proverb This quote is AMAZING, powerful and it speaks volume!!!! The three learnings I have learned from this program are: 1. To appreciate the uniqueness and diversity within everyone. We were all put on earth for a specific reason (some known and some unknown), […]

Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

The national and federal level early childhood associations/organization(s) that I am interested in are: NEA (National Educational Association), I chose this association because I like how the association focuses on the advancement of children. It appears the organization understands the importance/value of early childhood education by having, “Early childhood education: one of the best investments […]

Exploring Roles in the ECE Community: Local and State Levels

1. Porter-Leath- Local Our mission is empowering children and families to achieve a healthy, optimal and independent lifestyle. (http://www.porterleath.org/12/24/History) I chose Porter Leath because this is a local organization that focuses on providing services to lower income families. This organization is also involved with the community by have 5K races and toys and coat drives […]

Learning About Myself

The one communication evaluation that surprised me the most is that I was considered a moderate on the communication anxiety inventory. I would have placed myself in the high level. I ALWAYS get nervous when I have to speak in front of a large group, or even a small group. I can speak in a […]