Time Well Spent

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. -Chinese Proverb

This quote is AMAZING, powerful and it speaks volume!!!!

The three learnings I have learned from this program are:

1. To appreciate the uniqueness and diversity within everyone. We were all put on earth for a specific reason (some known and some unknown), and we were not created to be the same. We were created to be an individual, have our own opinions and we as people must respect that.

2. To stay focused on the main goal. A lot of the times through out the course I often wondered what was my specific passion/interest when it related to Early Childhood Education. As I continued through out the course, I later learned that I wanted to focus or learn more about emotional/social development in early childhood students.

3. To plan. This program has taught me how to plan ahead for assignments. When dealing with technology and even life things happen and you have to make sure you have your assignment (work) completed by within a certain time frame.

My long term goal is to continue to educate myself about different methods of reaching students (Early childhood, elementary and even adolescents) emotionally, socially and academically.

Again it has been such an honor and pleasure with working each and every last one of you all. My professors were truly amazing! They gave me wonder feedback, they not only helped me as a student but it helped me grow more as a professional. My classmates were also amazing, for bring up ideas, concepts or topics that never crossed my mind. They also provided wonderful feed back, support and valuable information. You guys are the best!!!!

This feeling is a little unreal, I still feel as if I have an assignment due tomorrow night. 🙂

My e-mail address is antonia.smith06@gmail.com. Lets keep in contact and continue to build one another up!

Much love,

Antonia C. Smith

2 thoughts on “Time Well Spent

  1. I loved that you chose to make a video! congratulations and I will pray like i have from the beginning that everyone in the program is successful in all of their future endeavors.


  2. Hi Antonia,
    I am impressed with your sincerity through your video bidding all of us success in our respective endeavors. Thank you, too, for sharing your ideas and thought-provoking comments during our interaction in the discussions and posts. I appreciate that you will pursue your passion in promoting social, emotional and academic development of the children under your care and mentorship. I am confident that with your passion and dedication, you will succeed in your endeavors. A proverb reminds us to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”
    All the best,

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