Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level

The national and federal level early childhood associations/organization(s) that I am interested in are:

NEA (National Educational Association), I chose this association because I like how the association focuses on the advancement of children. It appears the organization understands the importance/value of early childhood education by having, “Early childhood education: one of the best investments our country can make.” ( posted on their website. NEA also has statistics listed to show the importance of early childhood, not only for the child but for the country.

I selected a local job posting to post:


Memphis-Shelby County Education Association


Location: Memphis, TN
Salary: $51,631 – $58,859
Closing Date: February 13, 2015
Duration: Temporary

The requirements for the job are:

The candidate must have: Bachelor Degree with emphasis on studies in education or equivalent; three (3) years of job-related experience; experience in school reform, restructuring, and reculturing, including community and parental involvement; ability to work cooperatively with peers and members. Proficient in basic computer skills (Microsoft Office).

The candidate must possess: knowledge of education and union issues related to educator advocacy and quality; knowledge of education reform issues; an understanding of diversity in an urban environment; knowledge and experience in forming collaborative partnerships with other organizations; strong interpersonal, communication and professional skills; demonstrated skill in working both independently and collaboratively in a team environment; commitment to continual learning and independent study and openness to new ideas and methods; demonstrated flexibility; ability to work well under pressure; availability to work evenings and weekends. (

The next national and federal level early childhood associations/organization that I was interested in is:

Division for Early Childhood

This websites talks about ways of helping early childhood students (especially students with special needs, (, educators and even parents. There are professional development workshops, and conferences listed for educators to sign up for to further sharpen their skills. deepen their knowledge of early childhood and even keep up with the latest trends in the early childhood field.

The jobs that were listed on DEC’s website were

Child Development Associate

Child Development Instructor (2015)

Early Childhood Special Educator

Early Childhood Assistant

I decided to look into the Child Development Instructor position. I selected this job because I figured I would still be in the classroom but instead of teaching children I will be teaching adults. Helping them learn how to teach children and explore options under the early childhood umbrella. The requirements for this job are:

Major: Early Childhood Education; Confer Date: 5/31/12.” The minimum qualifications listed below state: Master’s in Early Childhood Education.

If your degree major DOES NOT EXACTLY match the degree major(s) listed below, you must REQUEST EQUIVALENCY. For example, the transcripts you are attaching state: “Degree title: Master of Arts; Major: Education:Early Childhood Education; Confer Date: 5/9/12.” This exact degree major is not listed below, so does not directly meet minimum qualifications. You MUST REQUEST EQUIVALENCY.

To be eligible for this position, you must meet and provide evidence of the following minimum qualifications:
1. a Master’s degree in Child Development (CD); Early Childhood Education (ECE); Educational Psychology with a specialization in CD/ECE; Home Economics/Family and Consumer Studies with a specialization in CD/ECE; or Human Development; OR
2. a Bachelor’s degree in any of the majors listed above AND a Master’s degree in Bilingual/Bicultural Education, Educational Supervision, Elementary Education, Family and Consumer Studies, Family Life Studies, Life Management/Home Economics, Psychology, Social Work, or Special Education; OR
3. a valid California Community College teaching credential in the appropriate subject matter; OR
4. the equivalent. View the equivalency instructions and guidelines at; AND
5. sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.

All degrees and units used to satisfy the minimum qualifications must be from postsecondary institutions accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation. Or if your degree/coursework is from a college or university outside of the United States, you must submit a detailed evaluation from a professional evaluation agency. A list of agencies can be found at

Desirable Qualifications
The college seeks candidates who have achieved the highest level of professional excellence as demonstrated by the following:
1. Recent, successful experience teaching at the college level, as well as experience working in programs for young children.
2. Experience in instructional technology or online course development.
3. Ability to design and assess curriculum related to student learning outcomes.
4. Vision and energy to plan, implement, and evaluate programs to enhance student success.
5. Commitment to work closely with child development center staff on program issues and the integration of theory and practice.
6. Demonstrated leadership and advocacy in the field of early childhood education, and active participation in local and statewide child development communities.
7. Knowledge of licensing requirements and the state credentialing process.
8. Eligible for a Child Development Program Director Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
9. Effective oral and written communication skills.
10. Evidence of a strong commitment to teach and remain current in the field of early childhood education.
11. Ability to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability within an environment of change.
12. Demonstrated commitment to the community college mission of providing instruction to students of diverse abilities, interests, and cultural backgrounds.

Special Instructions to Applicants
In order to be considered for this position, you must submit the following:
1. Application for academic employment.
2. A cover letter addressed to the “Screening and Interview Committee” discussing your strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the desirable qualifications and representative duties stated in the job posting.
3. A one-page statement of your teaching philosophy.
4. A current resume or curriculum vitae summarizing your educational background and experience.
5. Three recent letters of professional recommendation (must be dated and signed). Letters need not be confidential.
6. A sample syllabus, written by you, for a curriculum course (art, music, math/science, language/literature, or program planning).
7. A sample syllabus, written by you, for a core child development course (child growth & development; or child, family & community).
8. A sample exam, written by you, for a course taught recently.
9a. Transcripts of ALL college degrees/coursework needed to qualify for this position; unofficial or legible copies are acceptable but must indicate that the degree(s) has been conferred, if applicable. A diploma will not be accepted in lieu of transcripts. An equivalency narrative and supporting documentation must be submitted at the time of application if (i) you do not possess the EXACT degree title(s) listed in the Minimum Qualifications section above or (ii) your qualifying degree will not be awarded before the position begins. (View the instructions for equivalency requests at

If your qualifying degree is in progress but will be conferred BEFORE the position begins in August 2015, you must also include a written statement from your adviser indicating the anticipated degree CONFERRAL date. (

The final national and federal level early childhood associations/organization that I was interested in is:

Zero to Three

I chose this association because I like how they are dedicated to the very beginning of the foundation. I like how to they have podcasts to help parents and even teachers help cope with certain things that are (major) issues during this period. Such as an excessive crying baby, or a child who is hard to put to sleep. I also like how this is a non profit organization that focuses on helping early childhood professionals, educators and even parents.

The jobs that were listed  for this organization were:

Position Title Location Department/Program
Senior Graphic Designer Washington, DC Bus. Dev. & Mktg.
Senior Policy Analyst – IECMH Washington, DC Policy Center
Senior Training Specialist – Western Office Los Angeles, CA Western Office
Senior Policy Analyst – Western Office Los Angeles, CA Western Office
Communications Specialist Washington, DC Communications
Program Associate Washington, DC MIECHV TACC
Community Coordinator Connecticut QIC-CC
Senior Writer-Training Specialist Los Angeles, CA Western Office
Project Director Washington, DC EHSCCP
Administrative Coordinator Washington, DC EHSCCP
Senior Policy Analyst Washington, DC Policy Center
Program Manager, Training/Technical Assistance (T/TA)

The job I chose to look at was Project Director

I chose this job because I like how it is still under the education umbrella but just in a different form. I was also intrigued with the the job description and the requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Establish goals, objectives, performance requirements and the Center’s work plan or scope of work, in conjunction with OHS and OCC, ZERO TO THREE’s management team and the Center’s leadership team
  • Collaboratively direct the Center’s leadership team, including partner organizations, to ensure that knowledge development and management, collaboration with OHS and OCC T/TA systems, and training and technical assistance activities are successfully completed and project goals and deliverables are met in a quality and timely manner, as established in the approved work plan with the OHS and OCC
  • Directly supervise two Program Managers (T/TA and Resource Development), the Senior Program Associate/Information Specialist and the Administrative Coordinator; provide guidance, reflective supervision and direction
  • Collaboratively lead all team and leadership management meetings, developing and executing strategic plans and the Center’s logic model; ensure implementation of strategies to build the remote/onsite and staff/partner team
  • Serve as a key representative for the Center and maintain effective collaborative relationships with all funders, partners, constituents and other key stakeholders
  • Work with the Chief Financial Officer to manage the Center’s budget to support successful timely completion of all activities, goals/objectives and performance requirements within budget; coordinate with and oversee subcontractors’ work to

    Page 1 of 3 As of: 10/1/2014

complete assigned responsibilities

  • Collaborate with OHS and OCC T/TA systems, including collaboratively leading the

    establishment and functioning of the National Centers Partnership Collaborative and the

    National Centers Partnership Advisory Committee

  • Oversee and ensure integration of T/TA and resource development for efficient, effective

    operation and services

  • Oversee collaborative work to ensure all Center activities and materials respond to the

    cultural and linguistic diversity in the EHS and CC communities

  • Direct preparation and delivery of monthly and other reports on progress indicators and

    outcomes as required by federal performance requirements

  • Ensure successful implementation of project evaluation activities
  • Contribute to the development of effective ZERO TO THREE cross-program and project


  • Other duties as assigned

    Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Excellent knowledge of and experience with the infants and toddlers, Early Head Start program, child care programs and systems, including Family Child Care, the Child Care and Development Fund, the Head Start Program Performance Standards and early childhood partnerships at state and local levels
  • At least fifteen years of experience in the early childhood field at various levels; at least ten years of successful program or project leadership experience and supervision
  • Experience and capability in results-based work, using logic models and tracking outcomes
  • Experience in state/national level systems building, project leadership and management, T/TA and collaboration/partnership work
  • Clear and concise writing skills; effective verbal communication and presentation skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills; successful experience working and

    communicating with diverse people

  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team structure; ability to manage multiple

    tasks and be flexible

  • Ability to travel required

    Essential Qualities

    • Encourages and practices critical thinking
    • Is self-reflective and empathic
    • Recognizes the influence of workplace relationships on outcomes and results
    • Maintains a respectful and accepting approach to others
    • Is aware of the influence of the larger context on individual behavior
    • Collaboratively and creatively supports the work efforts of colleagues at all levels and in

      all areas of the organization


      Master’s degree in early childhood development or a related field preferred; Bachelor’s degree in early childhood or a related field required. (


Division for Early Childhood. (2015, January 31) Retrieved from 

National Educational Association. (2015, January 31) Retrieved from 

Zero to three. (2015, January 31) Retrieved from 

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