Learning About Myself


The one communication evaluation that surprised me the most is that I was considered a moderate on the communication anxiety inventory. I would have placed myself in the high level. I ALWAYS get nervous when I have to speak in front of a large group, or even a small group. I can speak in a small group without being nervous if I am familiar with the people in the small group. If they are strangers, I will have a hard time speaking. Now when it comes to one on one conversation, I can talk the listeners ear off. J This was a very interesting quiz and I am glad that I took it. I have learned that I am not as socially awkward as I thought I was.

I have also learned that my self-concept is not where I thought it was. Taking this quiz has helped me realized that I am not as harsh as I thought I was. I am concerned but yet stern when I correct my students. Sometimes it appears that I am being mean but I am not, I only want the best for my students and I have to correct them if they are doing wrong. 

One thought on “Learning About Myself

  1. My results were similar to yours. I notice that I get more anxious in more “formal” settings, like when I am asked to speak, or have something specific scheduled. Like you, when I am one-on-one, I can talk your ear off. I was glad to know that my anxiety levels were only moderate and that it is only situational anxiety!

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